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Food Preparation Important For Health

Today many people are looking to be healthier and live longer. New research shows this can be accomplished by simply modifying the way in which we prepare our foods. According to researchers, the way foods are prepared alters the number of advanced gycation end products (AGEs) or glycotoxins that foods contain and that we ultimately consume. AGEs are abundant in our foods and are responsible for increasing the body's inflammation and oxidative stress. This leads to many age-related diseases including diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. AGEs are created by interactions of sugars with proteins and fats in the foods we prepare and consume. AGEs are increased by cooking foods longer, at higher temperatures in the absence of water as well as frying foods. Researchers suggest steaming, boiling or stewing food as well as marinating foods with acidic products such as lemon juice, vinegar or other acidic substances to minimize AGEs.

Source: Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, April 2007.